Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The end of April

I'm taking a break from my chores. Well, they're not really chores, so much as little tasks that need to be done before leaving for the weekend. Things like, re-washing the comforter on the 'guest bed' (which is actually the futon-like IKEA sofa bed we bought to use during our time on Nantucket) and setting up said bed in the 'guest room' (which is actually hubby's studio minus his drawing table, plus the 'guest bed'); sweeping the living room for the second time this week to keep the litter tracked upstairs by Hanzo in check (that's twice more than any normal week of sweeping); washing AND putting away the dishes (normally they just sit in the dishwasher until they are used again...not sure why we even have cupboards?); and, a little extra thorough cleaning of the bathroom (I figured I'd give our house/dog-sitter a freshly washed shower curtain).
It's been a pretty productive day, considering I haven't actually done anything fun or remotely entertaining. I had planned on sleeping in, only to realize yet again that I am incapable of staying in bed past 7am, no matter how tired I feel. So I got my shopping errands out of the way. I also had to have a key made for work, so I had to pop over to the shop for a minute or two. Now that I have finally gotten my dream of a 4-day work week, I am back to being an hourly employee instead of salaried manager. That means, apparently, that I will be doing a lot more work for free, as I can't see asking to be paid for what I did today, even though it was clearly work I was unable to do any time while still 'on the clock'. There are certainly kinks that will have to be ironed out of this deal, I'm sure.
I am hoping to take advantage of my time away by figuring out a schedule/plan for myself once we are back from Akron. I really think it will be easier to stick to a schedule now that I have decided to hold off on doing any more tees or bags. Since my studio is so small, I will be able to organize much better having only to find space for my paper making and not also for printing.
So until May, these are my last random thoughts.

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