Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dumpster Diving and the Modern Woman

I'm doing it. I'm making myself do all the things I want to despite becoming super sensitive to my early schedule. Can I just say that getting up at 4:30 every morning, at first, is fairly easy to get used to when you're an early morning type already. However, after a while, you start to hate the sound of the alarm startling you out of sleep. Then it gets normal again, and so on. I'm in the stage where I absolutely HATE getting up early and I am exhausted by 11 am. So I am happy to say, that despite that feeling, I am working hard at getting things done. I am making time for what I feel is important in MY life...and that really doesn't include killing myself for WORK. It's just a job. I can only do what I can do, and that shouldn't cost my own well-being.
I have been making time to workout. I have been leaving my house to spend time with family (on occassion, which is a lot compared to the 'never' that I used to manage!). I have made several dinners in the past couple weeks (and not just 'pull it out of the fridge and heat it'). And I've been trying to get as much creative work done as I can. I managed to print my latest stencils: one as a bag, and 2 as tee shirts, which I am keeping for my sister and myself.
So, today I did the usual Tuesday thing: get up at 4:30, work til 1 and then get ready for the usual tuesday work errands. BUT, first...take out the trash. What's that in the dumpster? Someone threw away two perfectly fine outdoor benches?? Two curved picnic table style benches were IN THE DUMPSTER!! And there, next to the dumpster was a conveniently place cinder block for me to step up onto to reach in and pull those beauties right out. Into my trunk they go, and I'm off to finish my day...with free gifts!
and now, we relax until tonight...poker night...let's get pumped.

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