Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday: time to get serious

No work for me today. Well, no PAID work, anyway. Wednesdays seem to be tricky for me. I took them off to get a mid-week day to get stuff done that I couldn't seem to get to during the weekends. But for some reason, I can't seem to get much done on Wednesdays either. I actually know the reason, and he is still asleep. Since losing his job (the local print shop he worked at went out of business), he has been home a lot. He is able to focus on his own freelance graphic design, which is great, but it doesn't get him out of the house much more than his long walk on the beach. And being an early morning person (you just can't shake a 5am wake-up when you are so used to it), I'm up trying to get the 'quiet stuff' done without waking him. That means computer work...which then just puts me in the 'stay home' mode. At any rate, I am HOPING to get stuff done today so that my already to long to-do list gets some stuff crossed off before I have to add more to it.
This Wednesday is a little different, in that I have my new girl working alone for the first time today. I have my phones nearby in case of emergency, though, I have high hopes for this one. She has a level head and seems capable of handling things. If she can make it past 9am, it's pretty much a ghost town around there until lunch time anyway. I do have to run to the bank, both for myself and work, but I (being the 'let's get the driving around town stuff done early' kinda girl that I am) always get there before the banks actually open. I don't like that. I am making a whole-hearted effort to not leave until 8:30!
One of my little sisters (not so little, I guess, at 26?) is coming over for some crafting this afternoon, so I am jazzed about that. It has been a long time since I have had a crafting friend.
And then there is the trip to Ohio, coming up ...oh, my...a week from Friday. I have been cleaning up little by little since we usually have someone stay at the house to take care of the pets while we are away. I don't mind having a 'messy' house, but I would never expect anyone else to have to put up with the dust bunnies! The fun bit about the trip, other than getting to get far away from work for a couple days, is that I am making a shirt for my mother-in-law for a Mother's Day gift. (oh, I should probably think about something for my own mother too?)
I think this post is becoming a way to put off other things....


  1. HI...
    out visiting ..
    putting off the dish's :)
    have a great weekend
    mona & the girls

  2. Um, she's 27. Thought you should know that I'm the 26 year old little girl. *~_^*

  3. I can never remember exactly...I just go for the 'ball park figures'. I have to do the math to figure out my own age, for goodness sake! :)