Thursday, April 9, 2009

good day...good day

Yesterday I was determined to set myself up with a schedule of sorts. Nothing crazy or super detailed, but a way of being able to have something to point me in the right direction, WHEN...the urge to just sit and watch tv, read a book, or play video games hit. Well, surprise! It didn't get done. However, I did have some ideas in my head as far as how I would like to budget my time away from the 'bill paying' job. So, I feel pretty good about today. I didn't get a TON of stuff done, but I did finally cut out my bamboo stencil that I am SO excited about. I think it'll make a really cute tank for me for the summer. And, since its original purpose was for shirts for my etsy shop, it will ultimately end up there, too.

And for my own personal well-being, I managed to get to my 'gym' (a.k.a. my basement, complete with a two-station weight machine, my trail bike attached to a trainer to make it a 'stationary bike', and my tiny tv/vcr/xbox) and worked out for over an hour! I did a dance aerobics dvd, then decided to do some DDR. I felt great!
Then, I used some more of my extra time (since I get out of work a whole hour and a half early on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to re-shoot my t-shirts that I already have up on my etsy site, fix 'em up in photoshop, then I edited the listings. I think tomorrow, when it's not such a late hour, I will re-list a couple since I don't have any new good stuff to list yet.
And, since I made dinner yesterday, hubby is fixing dinner tonight, so the rest of the night (all one and a half hours of it) I will relax and enjoy my home.

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