Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little boost for me

A strange thing happened yesterday. A good-strange thing. It is only really strange if I first mention a conversation between my sister, aunt, and me from Wednesday. The girls came over for a 'craft day' of sorts. Basically, I thought it might be nice to stay home and have them over, so to save us all from just sitting and staring at each other, I had them bring over a project to work on while we chit-chat. So as we are all just hanging out: sister with her beading, auntie with her doodling, and me folding and cutting papers, they commented on my latest screen printed shirt hanging to dry. I had just finished it prior to their arrival. I am definitely happy with it. I really like the stencil I drew and cut, and I printed with brown ink on a brown tee. It's actually a gift for my mother-in-law, so I am glad it turned out as well as it did. This design I have only done as gifts, come to think of it. Which, I suppose brings me to the strange thing which had started this post in the first place!!

The above mentioned shirt prompted me to discuss my latest thoughts on my etsy shop, which are to: a)get back to doing more paper things (b/c I love it so, and I seem to not get to it lately); and, b) to maybe take out my screen printed items altogether since they seem to just sit in my shop, anyway.

Saturday morning, when I was up with the dog, cat, and a whole slew of birds to watch in the backyard, I was checking my emails, blog, etsy site, and so on, when I saw that I had a new convo through etsy. To my surprise it was a lovely little note from another etsy seller. She has adorable little illustrations which she has turned into a number of great gifts. (you should check her out here.) The strange thing is that she had checked out my shop and had left a message saying, basically the same thing I had just been discussing a few days earlier with the girls! It was so nice to have someone take the time to stop by to offer advice; but, even better to have it echo what I had already decided to do. It has boosted my confidence in what I am doing and that I am making the right decisions.

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  1. Your art is really coming into its own. Great job!