Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to life: Part one

Our trip to Akron came and went. It was lovely to see the in-laws and it is always nice to be so welcomed. It was a crazy idea of vacation, but we got to sleep in, sight-see, and eat out. It is funny to see hubby re-live his youth. We HAD to go to Mary Coyle's Old-Fashioned ice cream shop. I think the sign out front was the original from the 1950's and inside, hubby says, looks just as it always did (also with it's original 1950's red tables with the chrome frames). Down the street from there was an equally as unique movie theater, The Highland Theater. Unique in that it has not changed in decades. One screen, with no partition between it and the 'snack bar'. There were tables with benches and high-top tables with stools where you could grab a bite and beer and eat at a table while watching the movie. I could see myself becoming much more of a movie go-er, living near a place like that. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of either of these cool places; but, through the miracle of the internet, I added the links.
We also spent some time at the zoo before heading into Cleveland for lunch. If you are ever in Akron, wondering what to do to kill and hour or so, this zoo has just enough stuff without needing an entire day to look at it all. I did get some cute pictures, but I'm planning on stuffing my next post with shots from the trip.
Lunch was probably the high point of the trip. I can't think of anything this boy talks about more than the corned beef sandwiches at Corky and Lenny's. It is apparently where EVERYBODY goes, because I have never been there when it's not packed, there is always a wait and they will not seat any party until you're ALL there, and we have run into friends of the in-laws while eating. The food IS really good and the sandwiches probably have about a half pound of meat on them.
The rest of the trip was mostly, as I said, sleeping in. There was a lot of walking around the neighborhood, meeting neighbors, checking house prices (there was a 15 room brick house dubbed 'Toad Hall' on 3 acres of land for around $400,000...the same price as an 800 square foot shack on a postage stamp lot here on Cape Cod! Depressing.), and a visit with one of hubby's old friends.
All in all, it was a good trip. Nice to get away and the plane ride was only an hour and a half or so.
But now, we're back to reality. Hubby had work yesterday and I am back at it tomorrow. I really enjoyed being away from my job and did some serious thinking about how much longer I can really make myself stay there (but that is not for this post). I have been cleaning up my studio, and was planning on finishing that today; but, there seems to be a lot more stuff to do today. I got a good start on it yesterday, though, so it shouldn't take long to finish.
My next post will be full of fun pictures from clouds through the plane window, to lemurs at the zoo!


  1. Sounds like a blast! *^_^* Checking house prices, eh? Planning on moving out there? It does sound like a loverly place, though.

  2. HA! No, not moving, but 'Toad Hall' was 1,000 times better than any $400,000 house I've seen on Cape! We play that game everywhere we go.