Monday, May 25, 2009

Warning: negative post

I am so fed up with my internet. For the past few days (I'd say, since Friday evening) I have not been able to connect to my own secure wireless connection. Usually when this happens, we reset the router and magically, everything is back to normal. But this time, not so much. I am able to connect to other networks, including hubby's own network- but his computer has to be on for that. And, to really get my blood boiling, his computer will still connect to our original secure network! I have gone through all the troubleshooting FAQ's available on my computer and tried everything...but I still get a message saying the router isn't hooked up or my passwords don't match. So, we reset the router (yet again)...nothing. And I just can't find where I can check/change passwords, so I can't even deal with that. My little light that indicates my wireless thingy in my computer is on on, well, obviously since I can connect to SOMETHING. UGH!!
So now I can use this unsecure network, but then when it comes time to do any bill paying or other such 'private' things, I have to use hubby's computer, which is difficult since he is on his computer A LOT.
I know there are worse things that could happen, and there are worse things happening outside my own little world, but this really burns my biscuit and I am not enjoying technology.
So, I will probably not be doing much posting until this is figured out...that means more catching up when that time comes!!!

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