Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm a girl on a mission

After finally deciding that my job should not keep me from living my life in a way that makes me happy, Hubby and I took an extended weekend to visit his parents in Akron, Ohio. And it was lovely to get away; and, his parents are such great, loving people that I could not have asked for a nicer quick 'vacation'. I had actually taken time off in order to give myself a couple extra days off once we returned to the Cape. And, I told myself that when I went back to work I would not let things get to me in the way that I always let them. By that, I simply mean, my stress level is unnaturally and unnecessarily high for a coffee shop management job, and I needed to take care of that. But then, I was back to my old self almost immediately, letting every little thing cause my heart to beat faster and my blood to boil. I won't go into boring details, I will simply say that I think maybe my expectations are too high at times. I only had two days of work this week before my weekend off, yet my boss still managed to rub me the wrong way. And it is because I am ready to leave this job, but just don't know where to go.
HOWEVER, I am ready! Ready to leave. Ready to do what needs to be done to get out of there. And ready to live my life in a way that brings JOY into my days. What good is having a super loving husband, snuggly kitty cat, and playful pug if I am miserable all the time?
The first wave of my plan is my new schedule. Not my work schedule, but my DAILY LIFE schedule. I have a day to clean, which with such a small house takes only a couple hours. I have a day to take care of the laundry, trash, and recyclables. And I am using as much time as I want to on creating things. Of course, this is my first week of my new plan, but I have had a very productive day.
A normal Saturday...too tired and angry about my past week at work, I sit and watch tv and am drinking by 3. (Wow! that sounds really bad now that I have admitted it 'out loud'!)
New Saturday...up running morning errands out of the house by 9am; an hour on the bike and kitchen cleaned by noon; weekly menu and shopping list AND shopping done by 3; groceries put away, dishwasher emptied, chocolate chip cookie dough made and ready to bake and me ready to check out what's the haps online by 5:00pm. Now it's about 6 and I'm just about ready to get going on my twice backed potatoes and stuffed pork chops for dinner. I feel great!
The best part is that this all frees up tomorrow for a solid couple of hours in the studio...making paper, cards, or whatever my little heart desires!


  1. This sounds like my old life! I never felt like my job fit my life. I wasn't made to sit in a cubicle ten hours a day. Citigroup did me a favor by eliminating my job in March. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing! Hang in there, you'll figure it out.

  2. Thanks, Rose Ridge! It's always nice to get some encouraging words. I am glad to hear things worked out for you. It's not easy being forced into a 'career change' (my husband went through the same thing this winter).

  3. How did the studio day go, I wonder? *^_^*

  4. HA! you can read my latest post, and see!
    (you up for rock band next tuesday? (: )

  5. good job, isn't it great what a schedule and determination can do. I swear, I feel like I used to do nothing all the time, once I pland and check off my list, I find I can do even more! Keep it up!

  6. The tricky thing is that i LOVE lists and always have (i am truly the 'girl of 100 lists'!) but NOW i am trying really hard to STICK to these lists and VARY their content. no more daily lists of chores only...they are just discouraging and ugly. I figure a list with variety each day will keep me from just putting everything off as i have in the past!