Sunday, May 31, 2009

An award? For me?

My lovely husband has fixed up my internet connection. And so, of course, I got right down to the business of checking emails and whatnot.
To my surprise, I had a comment on my last post informing me that Jen of Invites by Jen had awarded me the Honest Scrap Award! I am touched that she has given me this honor, and so I thank her for that (thank you, Jen!).
(1) I encourage you all to check out her blog:

(2)In accepting this award, since it is the HONEST scrap award, I am to divulge 10 honest little tidbits about myself. It is my understanding that these are to be INTERESTING things, so I hope that I can find that many interesting things about me!? Here goes:

1. I grew up in a town called Bad Axe, MI
2. I rarely keep a job longer than a year, out of sheer boredom (still searching?)
3. I'm in love with Steve Buscemi and Jack Black
4. My husband's uncle wrote the lyrics to the theme to Sesame Street (does that count?)
5. I have mild social anxiety that often makes me sick to my stomach
6. I have an Associates Degree in Accounting which I have never done anything with (bored after the two years of school, I guess?)
7. I really love my in-laws
8. My husband and I had separate accounts until we bought our house and he put me in charge of his money
9. I have never wanted kids, though I did have a job as a nanny for 2 weeks
10. My husband and I try to find a zoo or aquarium to visit whenever we are away from home.
Maybe not the most interesting things, but there you go.

(3)Now, here are a few (the 'rules' say list 7, but I've thrown in my sisters blog for fun) of my favorite blogs that you may want to check out (in no particular order):

(4)As per the rules, I will also notify these lovelies of their exposure! I will also attempt to grab the 'Honest Scrap Award' button for my page (I hope I can make that work, I'm so bad at this kind of thing!)

I am honored to accept this award! Enjoy.


  1. Thank you so much however I have already rec'd the award!!! Such fun isn't it! I am now following you though!

  2. Jen thank you for the award :) You are to kind!

  3. oh thats wicked!!!!!!!!! so does that mean that I do the 10 things too and then pass on the award to my fave bloggers? too awesome Jen!!!!! or does just one person get the award and I say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EXPOSURE. my heart is beating fast yeeha!

  4. Cool! Congrats, sis! Winning something AND getting business is always a blessing for a humble artist. And you definitely deserve it! *~_^* Also, thanks for the linkage!

  5. congrats on the reward, I thought I posted this already, but I must have forgot to his post, silly!