Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm so excited!

Maybe I'm weird? Maybe I have to take control of my coffee addiction? Whatever my problem, I am terribly excited about today's walk to the beach. Hubby and I, since moving to our current home (5 years ago, tomorrow...we're finally having a house-warming party this Saturday!) we have driven down to our little main street cafe to grab a cup of coffee and hoof it to the beach just a couple miles from town. When we first 'discovered' this Italian bakery/coffee shop, I realized that it was owned by a friend and past co-worker of mine!! About a year after moving to our house, she ended up hiring me, as she was expanding her business to include lunches and such. My first week there, her baker quit (moved hard feelings or anything). This baker was just about one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Always smiling, always happy, always had a 'hello' for everyone (even us, before she knew us!)
Fast forward through the next few years: my friend opened a second shop and decided to close down the original, tiny basement location for the winter/spring. In the meantime, she decided to sell the original. Enter cute little baker girl!
Finally, after months of negotiations and whatever else went on...that sweet girl who left when I started is about to re-open our fav coffee spot. She is calling it 'the underground cafe'...playing off London's underground and the fact that it is in the basement of the building.
We stopped by to see her the other day and she gave me a HUGE hug! She's just so darn cute!
She's having a 'soft opening' today and opening for real tomorrow.
SO...if you are ever on Cape Cod, and find yourself travelling down Route 6A in Dennis, you should definitely stop by and grab a cup of coffee or some fresh baked bread or cookies.
(You can visit the original website here.)

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  1. that's Awesome! Much success to her. I love a good coffee spot with great atmosphere. Isn't it funny how things come full circle in life.