Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a crazy week

Maybe not a crazy week by normal standards, but for a boring old lady like me, I have had quite an activity filled-week. I believe my last post touched on the beginnning and how I fell ill early in the week. I am STILL trying to get rid of all the 'stuff' in my nasal passage, but now I am wondering if I have a little bit of allergies since the pollen was so high while my immune system was compromised. Does that happen??
Despite my lethargy, full sinuses, and early morning wake up for Friday's work day, I went out with my friends Thursday night. Here, on Cape Cod, there is (apparently) something all local night-lifers must do...go to the Beachcomber on opening night. That is when you get your 'local' pass so that you can get FREE parking in there lot when you want to stay at the beach (beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore) and discounted event tickets. We weren't sure we'd ever use this pass, but our friends spend a lot of summer Sundays sitting at the beach, having cocktails, and dancing to the local bands (and they have other bands, too...the lemonheads and Amy from the Indigo Girls, to name two I remember). So maybe we will actually have some fun with some friends this year, and after 15 years of living here, experience cape cod. I had a good time and was glad I didn't bail as i usually do.
The whole time I was looking forward to a nice 3-day weekend. Then I got sucked into working Saturday, anyway. Oh well, I'm home now and have the next couple days to plant up all the lovelies we gathered at the garden center earlier in the week. Maybe make some paper...I've been itchin' to do that for WEEKS!
And, on a super cool positive note...I sold my first shirt AND my first bag from my etsy shop this week! yippee!
Well, I'm off to enjoy my weekend.

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  1. congrats on the shirt and bag those were my two favorite designs actually! Sounds like someone is finally social maybe I will see you 4 times a year now instead of 2! ;)