Monday, May 11, 2009


Not much time for a wording blog today (is that a sigh of relief I hear?)
Instead, some shots on what I was working on yesterday. I did all the photo touch-ups last night and am hoping to get stuff listed in my shop in the next couple days (fingers crossed).
First, here's a shot of what happened to my studio this winter when it was too cold to do anything in there...
So last week, I had to clean it up before I could do ANYTHING in there.
(here's a 'pretty much ready' shot)

I finished this card I really LOVE. I used my handmade paper to make the petals and did an easy embroidery stitch for the stem/leaves.

I made a bunch of a more basic version of this 'balloon fish' card for my 'SAMPLER' samples.
And there was some other stuff happening, but I wouldn't want to spoil the big 'upload' in my shop! ;)


  1. Magnificent! Your work is so beauteous and original! Great jorb organizing, too. *~_^*

  2. your balloon fish card is amazing!

  3. Thanks guys! It's amazing how much more I get done when I get to show it all off! :)

  4. jen, thanks for commenting on my blog. it makes me feel 10 times better knowing people are reading it!

  5. Your balloon fish card is tooooo cute!

    Found you on etsy.

    My blog

  6. I love your cards!! I would have to really clean up my crafting space before I could take any pictures. It's funny how messy it gets when I'm not in it.

  7. Thanks for stopping by...
    Audrey: I know what you mean, about heat in my studio made it impossible to work down there. Instead I worked out of a box, gathering up whatever I needed for certain projects. What a pain!
    I'll be stopping by your blogs when I can!
    Reading is FUNdimental!