Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Curiosity isn't only for cats

These past few weeks have been SO ...well, ridiculous, for lack of a better word. There was the trouble with my internet connection that REALLY set me back as far as my blogging and etsying and general keeping in touch with friends. Luckily, the friends part was counter-attacked with some crazy, over-the-top levels of actual IRL socializing. (other people have faces too?? who knew?)
But, as I've probably mentioned, I am back online and password protected! I feel so much better a)having a secure network to use; and b)not using someone else's connection. So it's back to the plan. I was in such a groove, too. I was back into blogging and crafting and making time for every little thing. I have kept a clean house, made dinner every night, worked out every day, and had some social outings. I'm still just working 4 days, so that helps, but not being online really through me for a loop. I was ready for the next step...cross promoting.
I LOVE to read other blogs where people are tuning me into other things that are going on. I love to see what others are doing and viewing in THEIR daily lives. My hubby is not into 'the blogging thing' because he doesn't feel he needs to know what others are doing. I am one of those people (are there 'those people' or maybe it's just me?) that when I am out, I will see a person, and for some reason I will just think: I wonder what that person will do once she gets home and puts her groceries away? will she read? paint? call a friend? dig a hole for fun? sit on her porch and shoo away the neighborhood kids? None of it really matters in MY life, but I find it interesting how others choose to fill their spare time. Possibly because some of my spare time is spent sitting, staring, and wondering 'what are other people doing right now?'
And of course, none of that really point is to say that I like blogging, but I am on a mission to find things a little more interesting to blog about. I have been saying for years that I need to get back into photography and carry my camera EVERYWHERE. I am still going to try that, and maybe post some pictures some day.
For now, Hanzo the cat is begging for some attention, so I had better give it!


  1. We were without electricity late winter for about 2 days. Drove me nuts!! When you're used to being on the computer a few hours each day - being without it is like a day without coffee!!
    Needless to say - my family noticed the withdrawal.

  2. dude! so take your camera everywhere and post your photos! id love to see what you are doing with your day!!! also, Hanzo is the best name ever!!!!!

    I need to somehow get email notification for your blog becasue otherwise i forget to check! off to figure that out now...

  3. Well, I guess you don't have to guess what I do when I 'get home', my blog runs it all down. I think there are plenty of people who love to read blogs out there, they are like REAL reality tv, only you get to read and intereact, more fun overall. I remember when you were into photography, you still needed chemicals to develop them!

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