Thursday, June 11, 2009

All in a day's work

Yesterday proved to be quite a success. After my little pity party, crying about how I just don't know what to do with my life, I got off the computer, saw hubby off to work and promptly got down to the business of Wednesday's chores. My main goal was to get the gas company out to see about that nasty little gas leak around our meter. That took all of 5 minutes once he showed up (funny how quickly things get done when toxic fumes are spewing into the neighborhood). A quick clean of the bathroom and kitchen (both tragically small rooms...20 minutes to clean both, I'd say...the 'luxury' of having a thimble-sized house). While the gas man was taking care of business, I decided I'd finally put up the poles for the beans. My little beds are coming along quite nicely. I believe we will have our first peas soon and my radishes, while they are probably way to thickly planted, should start to fill out soon, too.
I love how green everything is getting with the day after day of rain we've been getting.
This doesn't have anything to do with yesterdays shenanigans, but here's a shot of one of my peonys, too.
It was the only one without any bugs in it...yuck!
So, after my short list of 'must-do's' was completed, I got to the business of getting back into the studio. Or, as it is also known, the tiny room in the basement next to my workout room. I pulled out a stack of my handmade paper and stared at it wondering, 'what ARE you?' Just to get my hands moving, I made a couple sheets into those adorable little 'matchbook scratchbooks'! They turned out SOOO cute (I think).
That made me want to make tiny little (business card size) envelopes for enclosure cards...which then made me want to make tiny envelopes for these darlings.
It was nice to do some crafty stuff...just sit and see what happens. I think once you get into the habit of 'needing' to get something done, it just never comes out quite the way you hope.
My next step is to list some more (read: 'new') stuff on etsy and hope for the best!
Hope to see some of you there...and good luck to my fellow 'yartisans'!!


  1. good job! I am glad you felt more inspired/motivated. Doesn't it feel good at the end of the day to see all you have done, I love that feeling. It really makes one want to keep trying and trying. Darling little matchbook notepaper

  2. when are you going to put those matchbook scraps on your site for sale, silly, they would be great for marketing!

  3. soon...just gotta get to it. I'm having a free shipping sale right now, so i am spending most of my time trying to get the word out...i supose a new listing would help, too. thanks, mom. lol!