Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 thing I like about today

A list of things keeping my chin up today:
1. My mail order plants seem to be doing well; almost all have poked through the soil with their promising green leaves.
2. My veg beds are doing great! Now I'm just waiting on some blossoms to go with the greens, and then a magical mix of squash, cukes, peppers, tomatoes, and so on to liven up my dinner plate this summer!
3. Sunshine! Even if it stays chilly, I'm happy to see the sun. Grey days are just grey days when it doesn't even rain. (Although, we have had a lot of rain...which is great for the gardens!)
4. A day off from work.
5. The neighbors are still asleep...ahhh! quiet morning.
6. I found coffee beans I forgot I had and so didn't have to go without my 'day off, in front of the computer' cup o' joe.
7. A quick clean of the house and a load of laundry and my chores will be done for the day.
8. I don't have to clean my dad's house, after all; instead, I get to play with my sister.
9. I had a great night's sleep, last night.
10. I have no plans for the weekend!


  1. sounds like a great day. Maybe I will see you today, but I am gonna be scrubbing and moving things at the 6a house (story of my life, right?)
    I am going to go out now and enjoy my morning joe and my chickens before I get bacon and eggs on for hubby and I.
    Have a fun day and maybe you will get some swimming in between 'strumming' ;)

  2. SisterS. You forgot the pluralization, there. *~_^* Glad life is smiling on you!