Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm beaming...and busy!

Well, I'm taking a step into the un-known. For me, anyway. I have got some serious work to do in the next couple days...better branding and packaging for one, more product for another!
I am excited to have been approached by a shop in Maine, called Kindred Gifts, to have some of my stuff sold not only on their website, but also in their brick and mortar store! Other than the few craft shows I have taken part in, this will be my first 'touch and feel' exposure to the public.
I really want to do it right, too. So I have some serious work to get done!
Here, we are suposed to be in the middle of another 5 day stretch of rain, rain, rain. And that would be great for creating, as I could hunker down in the studio and work all weekend. However, I see sun. But that's okay...I have work to do and this will be a real test to see if I can do it. I'm pretty sure I can...I'm awfully excited!
Duty calls...

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  1. Wow! Great news! That really is fantastic!!! *^_^*