Friday, August 27, 2010

Vegas dress dilema

Still trying to find a dress for Vegas. Hubby bought a crazy velvet blazer with some serious embroidery on the back! Very...well, very UN-hubby!
I have a dress in my head that I would love.
As a girl, Auntie and I would play Barbies (of course). But, along with the new Barbies we had, we also played with her sisters' (including my mother's) Barbies. And, oh my, the beautiful clothes those 'vintage' Barbies had!! So in my head, I will always have the image of my favorite of those ensembles. It's basically this
but in red and gold instead of white and gold. I always thought it was just about the prettiest dress I had ever seen. I love the jacket.
But what I would really love is a dress that has a long peplum on the back of the skirt.
But I also love the mermaid hem. Here are a couple links of some cuties I found. So expensive...but so great.
gold dress
blue dress
black dress
tangerine dream dress: this one would be very cool, but every single dress I found on this site that I fell in love with, was already sold.


  1. p.s.
    this is the site where I found all the world's best vintage dresses:

  2. *Gasp!* The blue dress would be a dream on you!

  3. I agree with the blue one. I loved Barbies and funny you should mention the red version of that dress, because I just found the jacket to that dress in the barn the other day! I love the fur at the 3/4 sleeves.

  4. i do love the blue one. it's, of course, the most expensive of my favs. i thought hubby bought a black velvet jacket, but it is, in fact, NAVY and would look so great with that dress!!!
    I guess...i can't believe i'm saying this...i could try to make one!...

  5. I know the perfect vintage repro pattern to use for that too! We should hit joanne's together, let me know when you are free.