Wednesday, August 4, 2010

but I'm not...

I am sitting here next to my sewing machine doing anything I can to avoid looking at it and opening it up and actually doing something with it. My 'sewing bag', the bag with my scissors, pins, threads, patterns, and fabric of the hour is also here...I am avoiding it's stares, as well.
There is a plan, though! This pattern: And this fabric. In my world of sewing, it is also known as 'an old sheet'. At first it was the ease of having a pre-hemmed piece of fabric...I'm afraid if I ever actually do any 'real' dress making, I will have put myself at a serious disadvantage, and feel like I will be starting from square one. Oh well, for the time being, I like not hemming!
While at work at the animal hospital, someone donated some sheets. We don't actually use sheets in our hospital. This one, I immediately thought would be a great first shot at my 'retro 50's' pattern. It's cotton flannel.
Really, more this lighter color than the darker.
This is the pattern. Cute!
So last week, Hubby went to the movies with his 'boyfriends' (dude has way more dates than I ever do!)
This is what I did! I LOVE mud masks! So much better than sitting in a dark room with a giant, too loud movie screen (for me, anyway).


  1. Ooh! Ooh! We should have a girls' night and wear masks, do each others' nails and gab! I'm up for it! Plus! We could watch a few good chick flicks! *^_^*

  2. I'm in for that and add to that do each other's hair! We can bust out my wonderfully scrumpious hair dryer, what a fab girls night! Hair setting anyone?
    That fabric on that sheet is adorable. If you had more it would work so well for this pattern that I have, which I think would look adorable on you.It is full skirted but knee length (as it is from 1960) and the top has two little bows at the shoulder, so cute on you.
    Isn't it fun to take time out of your day to be pretty for yourself. Next, we need an outing to show off our dresses, maybe a garden party?

  3. 'atomic', i had to laugh at the 'do each others hair must've forgotten who you're dealing with here? :) my hair is about an inch long!
    girl's day would be fun, esp. with the new hot tub!! i'll try to work it out soon, but this heat!...ugh! then it's septmeber which is company all month long for us this year. maybe we'll get another break in the weather at the end of the month?
    I only used a small portion of the flower sheet for my next dress (i cut it out while hubby made pizza last night) so maybe i'll check out the pattern you're talking about.'re only invited if you bring the goat! (only joking...sort of!)