Saturday, August 14, 2010

another long night

Our plans have been crazy these past few weeks. Hubby is leading quite the social life this summer, while I go out occasionally or head out to Auntie's house for an after work swim/hangout.
This weekend was going to be a little bit of socializing for me and more for Hubby. Last night was going to be my resting day, there was a pool party at a friend's house that I was skipping today, and Sunday we were going to have a quiet night at our local wine bar. There was a singer performing that we had seen before and really liked. She plays some jazz trumpet in her set and it's pretty cool. Then next weekend we were going to head to the cape's most eastern town to hang for the day. One of our friends has some work showing in a gallery on the way, so we wanted to stop and see that. We were also going to hit the local beach restaurant (the Beachcomber) that has live entertainment. A lot of our friends go on Sunday afternoons.
Instead, some of our other friends wanted to go to the wine bar last night to see another musical friend. And everyone is going to the Beachcomber THIS Sunday. So now this weekend has become jam packed with activity and I am already exhausted.
Last night the wine bar was fun. I ended up dancing a lot, drinking a ton of wine, and not getting home until 11pm. The up at 4 a.m. for work...pooped!
While hubby was at his pool party, I decided to work out even though I would rather have taken a nap.
Tomorrow: work til 11 a.m. unless I get asked to stay late as I have been doing the past two days. They have cut hours 'across the board' but asked me to stay an extra hour yesterday, and I had to stay an extra half hour today just to finish a couple projects I was in the middle of. Anyway, after that, we're off to Provincetown for the day, with a stop in Wellfleet to see Hannah's art. Then back to Wellfleet on the way home for some music and beers with some friends. Luckily I don't have to work until 7am on Monday.
For now, Hubby's home and it's a nice day to sit in the yard with a cocktail!
Here's what I wore last night:
This cute old dress I bought in a thrift store a million years ago for about $3. It's so fun, and I thought it would be perfect for the wine bar atmosphere.
I brought along my wrap. My in-laws brought this back from Spain for me. It's really lovely, but this is only the second time I've worn it. They say it's a casual thing in Spain and is meant to be worn daily, but it's just so beautiful and I am scared to ruin it. I should've taken a close up of the embroidery...maybe another day.

I felt super cute in this outfit and it was perfect for dancing!
I thought these shoes were perfect with this dress. I got them many years ago at Payless Shoes...the big heel makes them great for dancing without falling!
(Yes, I took the dress pictures in my workout space, and that is my DDR dance mat in the background. The terrible floor tiles in the shoes picture are the next house project when the cash is available!)


  1. Cute! I bet you looked just like a flapper with your short hair!

  2. wow social you! Hope you are having fun. Did you get your puppy? It could be fair trade, u go out all the time and he says yes to puppy.