Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two down, do I dare go for three??

I finished dress #2 tonight.
I had a hell of a time with it, as I spent my entire day off last week trying to finish it...which led to a very frustrated me, and a half finished dress that I figured would simply never be more than a half finished dress.
After ripping the bodice from the skirt, then ripping out the pleats, I put everything away. Later that night I pinned the bodice back to the skirt, putting two front pleats and two back pleats where I thought they should be instead of where the pattern said they should be. (This after a long conversation with a friend who suggested I not follow the pattern exactly.)
There were just a couple minor imperfections (right...just a couple...only a couple worth mentioning, the others are just handmade character!)
I am crap with zippers. It's a clear fact and I've come to terms with it. What I haven't' figured out is why I keep trying to put in zippers when I end up not needing them anyway. The dresses just aren't 'fitted' enough for them to warrant a zipper. I'm gonna try hand stitching the dress over the zipper more, to make it less obvious that I suck at putting zippers in.
Pleats & darts...not my friends. Sure they make a dress look cute, but I can't manage to either put them where they should be or sew them properly. Do these pleats make my butt look big? No, they make your butt look HUGE!
Oh, and speaking of darts...I have since put the hot iron to the bodice AGAIN, but man, these darts make for a serious Madonna inspired top!
All in all, I guess I am happy with it. I can at least where it when I'm with my friends, just hanging out.


  1. Adorable. I love the little slit on the bodice! Fits in with the flowery pattern of the material. *^_^* Your third dress will be a sensation!

  2. oh good job! i think its very pretty and the fabric is so girly and wonderful

  3. I will have a quick zipper tutorial one day if you like. It looks as if you are simply not folding the fabric over the zipper so that the fabric both covers the zipper and the allowed seam allowence (how much fabric is left before sewing) is therefore not being used and then it is not tight enough and so you don't 'need' the zipper. Not hard to do, will show you one day. good job though and so pretty. I think with your skinny waist, too, you should make some waist fitting little flared early 60;s dresses next.