Monday, August 9, 2010


Our evening started off okay...we were ahead of schedule, but Hubby thought the traffic on the highway looked way worse than it actually was...getting off the early exit, we could see that there was just a 'pocket' of traffic. 'This way we can get some fresh air' as we take the 'scenic route'. But you can't go that way when you are meeting people at a specific time! It's summer on cape cod...old people are out for their Sunday drives ALL THE TIME! (I so want that bumper sticker that says 'I'm not on your vacation'!) Anyway, we got stuck in some seriously backed up traffic once we got over the bridge (Hubby ended up getting back on the highway after getting stuck behind slow cars). It was Saturday...all the vacationers from the week were leaving, we knew there would be traffic, but this was stupid! And they do this every weekend of every summer! Miles and miles of cars virtually standing still. At least there was a cool breeze. We were meeting our friends for dinner at 5:30...we got there at about 6 or just before. We ate, had a good time, and still made it to the docks to get on the boat in plenty of time.
I didn't get many pics because our camera is lame, and I kinda forgot I had it until the sun started setting.
Some people on the boat. The band...the guy in the hat is our friend Cliff, who got us the tickets, plays poker with Hubby and his friends, and is also a co-worker of mine at Trader Joe's. The woman singing has a great voice. They do all covers, but lots of different types...from White Stripes, to Etta James, to Stevie Ray Vaughn and even some Aerosmith! They even did a disco number...Play That Funky Music!
Hubby got some shots that I tried to fix with some photo editing.
This, I think, is a train bridge.
This I took from underneath...not a great shot, but after editing, I thought it was kind of artsy and cool.
So that was our fun night out. After a full day from 4 am to getting home at midnight, I got up 4 hours later to be back at work. Then, I spent the rest of my day in my hammock followed by some beers and grilled sausages and corn!
Now...back to work!

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  1. What a fun departure from an ordinary day. Sorry you didn't get much sleep - I had a sleepless weekend as well. Just too much to do!