Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Busy Weekend!

Well, I have been more busy than normal lately. Besides my usual 6-day work week, our social calendar had a jam-packed weekend. We had a night out with a few friends on Friday for some wine and music. Then Saturday there was a pool party I skipped, but Hubby attended. And Sunday, again, after work, Hubby and I ventured to the end of the Cape to Provincetown.
The Cape is not known for it's Bar-B-Q...but that doesn't keep us from trying to find some acceptable form of pulled pork. Earlier this summer we were introduced to a place that is far too ...well, frequent. So, since we were headed that way for the day, we had bbq. Actually, I had a fish sandwich, but I'm not the barbecue junkie Hubby is. One of our friends (Hubby's movie buddy) is now dating one of the hostesses, who just so happens to be part of the family that owns when we went back later for dessert, we didn't have to wait for a table! Score!!

After lunch, we headed out to Wellfleet to check out our friends art. When you head out to this part of the cape, it's a lot of boats! This is the view from across the street at the gallery. She has a couple prints at the Frying Pan Gallery. She had sold the framed pieces before we got to see them! Oh, well, but good for her.
(W.H.A.T. = Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater)
This is the parking's just so 'seaside village', I think.
Then we were off to Provincetown.
This is the dock's pretty similar to Wellfleet, but I'm not sure how a dock can really look unique. Although, there is this building on one of the docks that has these giant photos of influential ladies of P-town (that's what the locals call Provincetown). I just love it. The bummer is that the ferry from P-town to Boston was loading up so there was this never ending line of people, and from where I took the picture I didn't get the lady I really wanted. Behind that white dome-shaped thing is the woman they call 'the worm lady'. She has had a family worm farming business on Cape forever (since the '70's). I think she just died last year at like 94. She just seemed like a cool old woman.
There's also a lot of old boats in the harbor there.
And, of course, no shortage of seagulls eating crab all over the docks.

This is the Pilgrim Monument. It was built in 1910 to commemorate the pilgrims landing in Provincetown in 1620. You can take tours and go inside, but we never have.
And as we walked up and down the main street (Commercial St.) which is a one-way street that may as well be blocked to traffic the way pedestrians are just everywhere, we heard, 'hey, it's Jason and Jen'. We turned to find our friend Matt who had recently moved from our town to P-town. I am sure I've said it before, but I love running into people we know. It makes it a little nicer being around so many tourists to be reminded that we don't have to leave and soon everything will be back to 'normal' when everybody else is not on vacation anymore.
So, that was my weekend. It was nice, and I am glad it is over. I'm looking forward to Friday, but I think I will be taking my car in to be checked out...'check engine' light came on as I was driving to work this morning. Boo!

Oh! I almost forgot! After P-town, we went back to Wellfleet to the Beachcomber for some live music and to meet up with friends, again. We were only there for a beer, before heading back to the bbq place.
This is the view driving to the bar. It's right on the beach! I wish it wasn't so far away because I would like to go more than I do.


  1. Looks like a fantastic place! I can't imagine living in a tourist area- I bet that does get old! Good for your friend at the art showing!

  2. Wow! What a butterfly you are becoming! That chrysalis getting a bit cramped? Funny that Matt is actually there, because Steph could have sworn she saw him went we went the week that Becki came out to play. Also, one of my friends drives the same kind of car we do. He says that his check engine light goes on and off all of the time, too. Must just be our car?

  3. Renee...matt moved to p-town awhile ago. however, he had gastric bypass surgery and is quite thin now. so if you saw someone you thougt was him, it may not have been?
    and it was the gas cap again. the light went off on the way to the garage this morning. i turned around and went home.