Saturday, August 7, 2010


woohoo...Saturday night...yippee.
well, it would be 'yippee' if i didn't have to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow. But I am still going to try to have fun. A friend's band is playing tonight for the Cape Cod Canal Cruise's Live Music night. I think it's every Friday and Saturday. We were going to go about a month ago when another band of friends was playing, but we just couldn't justify the cost and travel time. This time, we are getting complimentary tickets from our friend. Unfortunately, this late in the game (he offered them to us Thursday) I couldn't get out of work on Sunday.

It's about an hour drive to where the boat leaves, then the cruise is 2.5 hours. I'll need to have a few drinks, because what's the point of live music on a boat with no drinks!? We found out today that a couple other friends are also going, so now it has turned into meeting for Chinese food before the boat leaves, too. It'll be fun, but I will be exhausted tomorrow, after being up since 4 this morning and then getting about 4 hours of sleep before having to go back to work. This is not my thing...I do it very rarely, and tomorrow morning I will be reminded why.

In dress news, I have re-pinned my bodice to my skirt. Barring any craziness from my machine, I think it should work just find this time. I followed my friends advice. She told me not to follow the pleats from the pattern, but instead make them where they worked. I took out the pleats, lined up the side seams and dress center then pinned some pleats between those points.

And in gardening news...everything's pretty much dead. I have not been into it at all this year, so the weeding and watering have not been consistent. However, I got a few cayenne peppers, one of which ripened and is now drying so that I can make it into a spicy 'infused' olive oil. A jalapeno that will likely go into some Mexican dish...although, I would like to try pickling a few...? And Hubby has been eating tomatoes fresh from the garden for his lunches (basically, this guy will eat Caprese salads every day for lunch!)

Not sure what I'll be wearing tonight, so I guess I had better go figure that out!

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