Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday...a perfect afternoon

After my unusual Saturday, I worked Sunday morning and then spent pretty much the rest of the day in my hammock...

I played a little with my camera and the 'color accent' setting.
This is the view looking up from my little cocoon.
I had also remembered that I still had an unfinished roll of film in my old SLR camera. The camera I've had since I was about 18...the only camera I had ever used consistently until a friend on Nantucket gave us her old digital camera. Once we started using that, we decided digital was the way to go, so my old camera sat forgotten...with memories stuck inside. Sunday I finished that roll of film and I am hoping I can get it to the photo & art store tomorrow so I can see what's in there! And I finished the roll with some more 'hammock view' shots. I really miss that camera...I wish I could afford a digital version of it, but instead, we make due with our little elph. It's a lot easier to carry anyway!

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