Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maybe, maybe not

I follow a blog of a girl I met at a dinner party this summer. She owns a little shop in one of our cute little Cape Cod towns where she sells cute gifts and some handmade items. She, personally, is a fabric designer. Recently, she wrote a book full of projects you can do with quilting squares. Friends of ours had gone to her shop a few times, and decided that the 6 of us should all get together for dinner. It was a good time, and I'm sure I've blogged about it already.
But the point of today's blog is that she has joined a site called and wants her blog followers to come along for the ride with her.
I think it would be good for me, but I am already on a site ( that I only visit off and on.
I love the sites with 'tools'...I have been reminded that I could lose just 15 pounds and not be over my healthy BMI anymore. I found out that my body needs...just to continue functioning if i just rested all day...1357 calories!! That means, I need to eat more than that to account for all the extra activity that I do daily.
I like having a place just for my exercise/nutrition journal-blog so that people reading (what is supposed to be) my craft/daily blog don't have to deal with the nonsense of my weight loss struggle.
Well, I have tomorrow off. I have to clean all the stacks of trash (junk mail, catalogs, newspapers) that have been piling up all summer. Hubby's old friend is coming for a long weekend for Labor Day, so the house has to be presentable for 'overnight' guests, which it NEVER is! But maybe at some point I can take a closer look and decide if I want to join other people I actually know IRL in a common weight loss journey. Especially since I have 15 pounds to lose, while she looks like she probably has 5 pounds to lose! I like a certain level of anonymity in my online life.

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  1. I know where you're coming from, but I do think that you worry too much about losing weight, sometimes. Have fun whatever you choose, though!