Friday, August 27, 2010

is this twice today??

I think I already posted today, but I've made a decision...
I have joined
If you're trying to lose weight and are into the blogging/facebook/virtual social setting and think it might be an aid in your attempts, check it out.
And, if you decide to join, look me up and we can be friends: hartsmart is my username.
This way, I can blog about my neverending (well, hopefully ending soon) battle with my weight without yammering on about it here. And maybe someday this blog will return to it's original purpose of my 'craft blog' and I can find some inspiration to get my act together in all aspects of my life? We'll see, I guess.

On another note, Hubby didn't blink an eye when I told him all the dresses I have fallen in love with are a couple hundred bucks a piece. I just don't know...that's a lot of money to spend on a dress...regardless of how much I love it, how awesome it would look on a Vegas...aahhh, much trouble you cause!


  1. Someday, someone you know will win the lottery and buy you many, many pretty dresses. *sigh*

  2. Well, failing the lottery hope, you could, and I know you won't want to, make a dress such as that lovley blue one. And actually, to recreate that barbie dress would not be that hard. A strapless sheath dress with back zipper, simple and you could line it in satin or silk (which in my opinion makes it easier to sew and nicer finished edges,) and make the matching jacket and, hey, get some vintage fur from a thrift store and add that to the cuffs, it's Vegas so GO NUTZ. That way you could pick fabric you really love.

  3. this is a big day for you so I think you should go all out and buy a very special dress. I'm going to look into this fitnesspal website you speak about. sounds good.