Monday, January 30, 2012

if only the whole day was 'morning'

Why do I seem to have all my drive and energy first thing in the morning?  I get all these great ideas either driving to work at 4 a.m. or while I'm at work, or now, just 30-40 minutes before work.  Then, I get home and have had all day to forget them!
Everyone is talking about Pinterest.  I have been avoiding it, because I feel as if my head will explode if I have to add one more thing to follow online!  Getting my shop back open was going to be my segway into more research of other shops, people, trends, etc...but I have yet do really get into it!
Oh...but back to Pinterest...I was overwhelmed at the home page!!  I scrolled down a bit and thought 'what the...!?'  I know a lot of you are into it, and I'm just wondering if it's worth trying to find time for?  I mean, is it simply another place to share photos?  What was that other site???  OH, shoot, I had an account through them....right! Flickr...oh, or Tumblr...are they all the same idea?  Which one's better?  Do you have an account for each one??  Now I'm just stressing myself out about it.

Let's move on...

I'm a bit scattered this morning.  Hubby got home last night, well, in truth he got home this morning around 12:30.  I have been getting up leisurely on my days off.  Making as much noise as I like.  Even yesterday morning, at 3:30, I turned lights on, talked to myself and Moxie out loud, while getting ready for work.  This morning...sshhhh.  And with all the quiet, I somehow almost left for work an hour early! 
Moxie had, of course, gotten me up to go out, just before Hubby got home.  And, of course, was having no problem with her leg anymore.  I know it is because I gave her one of her old pills for the pain, but I really don't want to take her to work this morning.  She hates it in the kennel.  And, with it being Monday, I have no idea what's on the books and I would hate for her to sit there all morning just to not get seen until 4pm.  Oh, jeez!! I just remembered her license expires tomorrow!!  Scattered!

So, what ARE your thoughts on Pinterest and other photo sites?  What do YOU use them for?


  1. My lord! I went to that site and if that is a 'bulletin board' then someone needs to get organized because it is far too much useless information in far too small a space. Just what we need in the modern world MORE distractions from Doing, right?!

  2. Talk about scattered! That Pinterest site is atrocious! I wouldn't join that; it's all so jumbled and disorganized. At least, that's how I see it. I don't have any special accounts (no Facebook, Twitter, Flicker or Tumblr.) I let the internet eat up enough of my time as it is. :/

  3. That's just the thing..i know a lot of people (internet connections, not irl) that use it and love it and i am always reading about how successful and great it is, but upon first glance I just don't get it!!
    and i know you girls are all about youtube! :)

  4. smiley faces don't look like smiley faces with this font!! lol!! :)

  5. I will check it out more for you and give you a better opinion based on use. I am just being an ole curmudgeon, as is our want. We are SO New England!