Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I used to be good at photography!

I'm still trying to get my photos just right, but I think I'm getting there.  I used to use a colorful background with fun dots all over, but I think I'll try the all white route this time.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm having fun making jewelry, though!!

This week is proving to be much more hectic than I imagined.  What was going to be a chance to really concentrate on improving my photography skills for etsy, has turned into a 'well, I can maybe carve out some time here or there to do it'.  Hubby is getting set to be away Thursday through Sunday, so I'm trying to spend the little bit of time we are home together when HE'S not working, to relax and hang with him.  That's pretty much only when we're eating dinner.  He's working at the bakery today, though, so I won't see him for lunch...perhaps I'll get some stuff done then.
The real problem is me, of course.  I took pics of all my new journals the other day, and wrote out the descriptions.  I did the same for my jewelry two days ago.  But, I'm just not happy with the shots...and I'm determined to do this right, so I need to take all new photos.  Which means, I have to break down and buy new flood lights (or whatever those are called).  I had one my dad gave me, but have lost it in borrowing it out.  Not that one lamp would do me any good.  I don't even own more than the one table lamp we own, and all of our light bulbs are 'soft white'.  I also have been using a lame photo editing program, b/c I hate waiting for my photoshop to open on my computer.  Yes, I am blaming technology for my short-comings AGAIN!

Anyway, it looks like, as much as I want to hang out with Hubby on his last night in town for awhile, I'll be spending the whole afternoon taking pictures on Wednesday.  (Family matters have taken over Thursday.)  I really wanted to be up and running by Friday morning...perhaps Thursday will just have to be a late night.

Don't forget...there's a giveaway in the works!  You can checkout my Facebook fan page now, if you like...it'll be part of the giveaway entry.  You can go here, or click on the box at the top right corner of this page.  Official rules and such will be in my Friday morning post, though.
(Sorry for all the promoting...that's what this week is about for me.  I promise to be more interesting once my shop  is back up and it's not all-consuming for me.)

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  1. What a beautiful set! I think that the white background is fine. Good luck getting things done this week. I don't know about you, but I am a super-uber-procrastinator. :P