Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'd love to be more focused, this year

I could browse on etsy all day!  I tend to get caught up in something and I will click the next page arrow over and over again!
But there is always work to be done, right!?  I finally stopped myself long enough to toss our 'tree' into the compost bin and wrap up the lights.  Of course, getting my handful of decorations back up into their proper place in the attic will probably not happen for another couple of days.  Baby steps, here.  There are some days when I am just chompin' at the bit to get stuff done and I can go from task to task without slowing down.  Then there are days, like today, when I don't want to do it at all, so I have to force myself to start and see how much I can do before I start to wander off onto another path. 
While cleaning today, I remembered the lovely books I got for Christmas.  And by 'got', I mean, I brought them as my swap gift and then stole them away from my sister. 
I want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and these little beauties right now!

Can you see the date? 1896 and 1902! Can you imagine the people who've held and read these!?  I'm no history buff, but I do often think of all the lives that have been lived before me.

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