Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Day, Today!

I feel great about today!
I had some minor chores to do this morning, but I had my mind set on major studio time today.  And I didn't let myself down!
Hubby had a little freelance project he was finishing up today.  He was also really in the mood for BBQ, so we decided that we would work really hard this morning, and treat ourselves to lunch out at a restaurant we've been wanting to check out.  It was a place we had been before, but they closed down, and have recently re-opened at a new location.  In the future, they are also hoping to add back their live music...BBQ, blues, and bourbon...all I need for a completely fulfilling life!
Anyway, I had my mail art submission to finish (check).  This is something I would not have even known about or considered if not for my exposure to mail art through Dave at ClearerReflections; and, the information I found through The Pen Thief.  But, I'm really excited about this show.  Partly because my friend in Sacramento (where the Milk Gallery is) is going to try to get over to check out the show!
I also managed to get two more journals in the works, today.  They just need to be bound and I'll be on my way to re-stocking my shop for the re-open I hope I can do at the end of this month.
I updated my blog, as you may have noticed.  Anything dealing with technology always seems to throw me into a tizzy.  I like playing with the blogger templates, though.  I could've sat all morning arranging and re-arranging my stuff!  But, throw in the badges and buttons and codes and I'm startled.  I have, for quite some time, been trying to figure out how to link my facebook page to this blog.  Just moments ago, I did it, in just a couple minutes.  The whole time, I was looking for answers in the wrong place.  Sometimes realizing how silly I've been is almost as frustrating as the journey to get to the answer!
So, now we're winding down for the evening.  Hubby's making buffalo chicken chili, a delicious concoction he dreamt up a while ago.  After tasting it, our bakery friends had him make it to sell at the bakery a few times.  Tomorrow, I'm back to work, but hoping to keep my momentum and get some studio time in the evenings.  We'll see how it works out, since I also want to make time to use my fun new toy (treadmill) more regularly.

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  1. Yea! How grand when things work out, no? I love to new look, too. It really goes well with what you were saying before about "My Dearest..." Very nice.