Friday, January 20, 2012


Let's see...what's going on? 
Well, I've been creating new stuff for my re-opening next weekend (yikes!).  I have a nice collection of stuff but I will continue to work as much as possible during my 2 day 'vacation', while Hubby is in NYC at a children's book writers conference thing.  Of course, there is always some sort of family drama these days, but we work through our bumps in the road as best we can, don't we?

I have successfully worked out a split shift during my days at the animal hospital.  It will, of course, go as a day-to-day sort of thing...I will take a noon-3pm lunch, unless something crazy happens and they need me to stay/come back early.  But, all-in-all, it is a victory for me. That gives me a little time during those days to get a little bit of crafting in, so the whole day is not a wash!  And, this will hopefully keep my frustration down so that I am less tempted to just quit.  As much as I would love it, it's just not in the budget.
Oh, which brings me to another bit of good okay news.  I have been dealing with an exhaust issue with me 2000 Chevy Cavalier for...oh, about a year or so.  I knew there was a problem with part of the exhaust rusting, but I was told that the location would mean a total exhaust replacement.  Now, I'm no dummy...I know that's a major repair...major $$!!  So, I let it go for awhile.  I have never had to pay more than a couple hundred dollars for repairs on this car...and that's usually for tires or total brakes.  I really like this car, with it's little faults (such as the uselessness of having a fold-down back seat when the little 'bump outs' restrict you from using the full width of the car, and the dashboard that seems to have a new crack in it every time I look), it has been pretty reliable and inexpensive to keep.  With this new issue, there has been talk of a new car.  Hubby has been trying to get me to get a new car for quite some time.  I don't want to shop for a new car, I don't want the hassle of buying a new car, and I certainly don't want the payments of a new car!  Well, Monday, my car wouldn't start.  It was the coldest day so far, and I just let my gas get too low.  Normally, I'd just try a couple times, pump the gas pedal, and it would start and I could get to the gas station.  But it was just too damn cold. 
After that little annoyance, I decided it was time to get the car fixed (well, checked at least).  The timing was good...I got out of work at 10:30 am yesterday,and we both had today off, so being without a car wouldn't matter.  I didn't go to my usual mechanic, the one who said 'total exhaust replacement'.  I went to Midas.  Where they still had me in the computer from before we bought our house...i think it had been 9 or more years since I'd been there (probably to have my muffler replaced).  ...this story is getting way longer than I expected...let's just cut to the chase...
I asked for an estimate before they did the work.  Hubby and I had decided anything over $800-1000 would not be worth keeping a 2000 Cavalier with 123,000 miles on it (though I'm shooting for 200,000...I kind of have my doubts, but don't tell the car!).  When he started giving me the didn't sound too bad.  They were just gonna weld the pipes, take out the rusty bits and replace the brackets that had 'disintagrated'.  Then he said the bracket holding my engine up was also rusting out...they can replace that.  THEN he tells me (because I also had them do my way overdue oil change) that my engine is leaking oil ...a lot of oil from several places.  Oh, here it comes...this is where I have to give up my car that I have had for 11 years!!  Some how it all came in (including the oil change) just over $460!!!  Now, that's not money I really wanted to spend on car repairs, but boy was I relieved! 
My only issue now is that the cap they replaced will not solve all my engine oil leak issues.  So, that means I'll have to revisit that at some point.  I also found out, b/c they do a courtesy check, that my belts 'need immediate attention' as they are 'cracked'.
Moral of my long-winded story?  I'd say, buy American!  :)

Enough of that...I just had to share because I'm so darn happy that I don't have to give up my 'stagecoach' (I call it that because it's all rickety and an old stagecoach).

Here's a funny little pug that I got to love on Monday/Tuesday.  He was the highlight of my time at the vet this week.
He is 9 years old.  He is the male version of my temperament, attitude, the love of belly rubs and having his butt scratched, even the way he ducks his head when you go to pet him (the professionals call that 'being head shy', I guess?).  This little guy was adopted/rescued from a family who gave him up b/c someone in the family kicked him and broke his jaw!  Can you imagine!!??
Even better...can you imagine him snuggled up with Moxie...
If I had known about this guy when he was being surrendered he would be mine right now!!  But...after picking up more ear cleaner and joint supplements for Moxie this week and spending $50 WITH my 50% discount, I remembered why we still just have the one.  And, why I probably shouldn't leave my vet job after all!!

And today, I am going to attempt to make a Light Box to take photos in.  I want my new stuff to look great!  I mean, that's the whole point of closing and make it better, brighter, prettier.  I'm so excited about the stuff I'm working on, too.  I even decided to make a set: necklace and earrings:
...wait until you see the finished product!

And as far as blogger goes...I'm having trouble with my pages.  Once the page loads, it disappears and I get a blank white screen.  Is it just on my end, or are you guys getting that too? I hope it's not frustrating everyone else like it's frustrating me!!
Happy Friday, anyway...

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