Tuesday, January 17, 2012

something's up

Blogger is not being nice to me! I am unable to retrieve my comments.  When I click the link to open comments, it just goes blank.  I'm annoyed, especially since I'm just about to do a giveaway to promote this blog, my facebook fan page, and the re-opening of my etsy shop!  Hopefully-fingers crossed-it'll either work itself out by the end of the month, or I just need to update something.  Once again, I'm reduced to scratching my head over this technology stuff!

I had a small victory yesterday...well, I got the ball rolling towards what I think will work out for me.  We had a technicians meeting to discuss the schedule yesterday afternoon.  I wasn't really looking forward to it, because it usually means I have to stay at work for the entire 11 hours I'm scheduled...no time to leave for that hour break I look forward to.  But yesterday was different...my car wouldn't start in the morning.  I put off getting gas to the point I usually do...it takes a couple tries, but she usually gives in.  Not this time.  It's been so unseasonably warm, that I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that the 'cold snap' was going to affect things.  Hubby had to drive me to work...I was stranded!!  BUT, the good thing about the meeting: lunch was provided!!  I didn't have to starve!
OH, my 'victory'...the past few weeks, well since everyone has been back from vacations, it's been too many staff members to keep everyone busy.  Last Monday we were even short one because she had jury duty, and I still had nothing to keep me busy!  So, I had it in my head to offer to do a split shift, where I would basically take a 3 hour lunch break (noon-3pm).  I suggested it to the 'lead tech' yesterday and she's running it past the hospital manager today.  I like getting paid, and need the money, but I HATE standing around all day.  It makes my 11 hour day feel like an eternity...twice!  I hope they go for it, because my frustration with the whole issue has got me to the point where I believe I would rather quit and scramble to find another job, than put myself through that agony! 
I won't lie, my main goal is to get a couple hours of the day to work on my own stuff, too.  All I think about now, while watching the minutes tick by at work, is how I could be working on my own stuff at that moment!  Today, we'll find out if they actually go for it. 
They are actually hiring more people and putting more people on, and say 'the reason will become clear soon' but won't tell anybody anything.  I think that's wrong.  I am increasingly frustrated with the way they are changing/running things lately, but I'm just two days there...I gotta keep things in perspective, I guess.  I think they are getting more techs to take the kennel people out of the hospital picture altogether so they can increase boarding.  In which case, they have some major construction to do, too, though.  I guess we just wait and see.

Unfortunately, all of this, and a little family drama is keeping me from having any time to do much of anything these days. I'm more exhausted than normal (emotionally drained, I think) and time is scarce at the beginning of the week for me.  But my head is full of ideas that just need to be executed (the good kind of execution!).

Sorry about the two consecutive days of picture-less posts...I'll try to be more engaging and less gloom-and-doom next time!


  1. Hmmm, this is weird. I see that you have been blogging but this is the first one of your posts that has been in my feed. I just thought you were taking a break.

  2. Sounds to me like you have a lot of "life" getting in the way of what you want to do!! Hopefully this will all get smoother for you...soon!!

  3. Did you suss out the comment issue? How did the hospital staff respond to your proposition? So many questions! *^_^*