Monday, January 23, 2012

well, well, finally snowed!

And I mean SNOW!  Of course, i didn't get any pictures, but imagine the ground being green as you drive to work at 4 one morning.  You go about your business, stocking shelves and such, away from windows.  4 hours later, the store opens and you see that it is starting to snow.  Snow that was scheduled to start at noon.  4 hours after that, it is time for you to go home and it has been snowing the whole time...quickly.  So quickly that there is already a half foot of snow that you must walk through to get to your car...and then brush off your car.  No trucks on the roads...why should there be?  It's Saturday, no body does anything on Saturday! *sarcasm, in case you missed it in my typing*
It didn't stop snowing for about 12 hours.  and we got about 14-16 inches in that time. 
Once it stopped though, that was it.  At 7 pm I went out and shoveled my car out of the little spot I was in.  I managed to get my car up our driveway just enough to keep it from sticking out into the road.  And, we did get the street plowed...of course, that just means it's a giant sheet of ice now.  The nice thing was that I had just had my car (exhaust) fixed AND fresh gas, so I didn't worry about the car.  And, I was smart enough to wait for the snow to stop, but also not wait for the next morning to shovel and brush my car.  The worst part of the morning was prying my frozen doors open.  The roads had been cleared through the night, and it wasn't a big deal.  (I hate driving in the snow) 
As pretty as it is, and as troublesome as it is having snow melt while it's still winter and cold snaps come and go, I am excited that it's actually supposed to be in the high 40's today (near 50), so most of it will melt.  Hopefully, it will dry up before it gets cold again.

So, in the spirit of this crazy snowstorm, I've decided that my giveaway will be one of my quilled snowflakes!
This is like the ones I sold over Christmas and New Year at our friends' bakery.  I think they turned out great, and I would like for one of my readers/fans/followers to have it. 
I am setting the giveaway to coincide with the re-open of my Etsy shop at the end of this week, so stay tuned for the specifics...since I don't expect people to 'like' my shop or facebook fan page without getting to see what I have for the shop! That would be silly!  I'm thinking Friday morning/afternoon...mark your calendars!

Today might be my first day testing my split-shift plan at the vet.  It is my hope that I can sneak in an afternoon workout, now; but, also, I hope it gives me a little extra time during the week to get out into the virtual world and start discovering all the great stuff out there!  I read others' blogs and think 'wow! they find some great stuff!' and so I've come to rely on others for that.  But I want to be able to say 'hey, look what I found!'  You know?  What I really love about online communities is the way they can so easily help out one another.  I mean, for someone in Ohio to expose someone in New England to an art show in California, all with a few typed words and the click of a's just amazing.  (Just as an example)
I am not technologically savvy, which is why it has taken me so long to get to a point where I am ready to go out beyond my little cyber-world, but I can't deny it's power.
So, hopefully, you can look forward to some more interesting posts this year! (hopefully)

Well, if you like my snowflake and want one of your own...get your etsy-loving twitter and facebook selves ready for Friday's post.  

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  1. What do you think about the whole of the snowstorm being gone this morning? And now, the sun shines and the warm-ish breezes blow! Looks like you've really gotten a stride going with your quilling!