Wednesday, November 9, 2011

technology question...i'm full of them!

I feel like i've been left behind.  or that I never got a very important memo about blogging.  or maybe i was at work and missed an important meeting.
Whatever the issue, my blog has suffered. 
For some reason, for months now, I have only been able to publish my posts by saving, and then going to my list of posts and publishing from there.  Also, and a little more annoying, when i try to add a link, I can not hightlight a word or phase to link it to...I have to past the whole link in separately (and I don't like how it's just not as fun and 'spontaneous'.
Has anyone else had these problems and know how to fix them?  Or has blogger changed and I need some sort of update?  Or am I just destined to live with frustration in blogworld?
(don't even get me started on my issues with Twitter!! I will never figure that out!)

Also, I could get to the end of this and realize that all i had to do was switch to the 'new interface', or whatever that button is that I just clicked!

UPDATE: yep...that, at least, has solved the publishing from the open page problem!  some times I feel so dumb!


  1. Thanks for your kind words about my beach painting of the creepy guy (hehe). -I haven't had those particular issues w/ blogger but feel your frustration w/ technology. Nothing more irritating than knowing what you want to do but not being able to figure out how to #$%*& make it work! (o:

    Good luck and keep blogging!

  2. Wow! I know I've had my problems with blogger, but nothing like you describe! Don't know the answers..hope you get them solved. (I did have a problem getting my links to copy, but blogger seems to have fixed that! ) I do use the new interface so maybe that's the answer!