Friday, November 18, 2011

an apology. and more pics

I feel like I should apologize for my post last night.  Not that it was bad, or anything like that; but, I have to admit that I was on the phone with my sister as I was trying to finish it before Hubby came home with dinner.  It was abrupt and odd, but perhaps that is my style?
At any rate, I have indeed been working on a small project for a friend.  I had wanted to get some snowflakes done to put in my etsy shop in time for Christmas shoppers.  There were days when I was getting some stuff done, but only little by little; not really hitting high gear at any point.  I was two flakes in, listing them on my facebook page, and getting some positive feedback from my close friends.  With the second one, I had a friend ask what I was doing with these snowflakes...can she buy them somewhere.  I was not ready to list any, b/c I wanted to have at least half a dozen done first, but I said of course I would make one for her.  She asked for a trio, in different sizes, to hang in her window.  So that is what I've been working on.  I have to say, it really made me work to get them done in a timely manner; instead of, 'whenever I get to it'.  I'm happy with the end result.   As I was photographing the finished trio, I noticed the last one I made was off somehow. 
My attempt at some asymmetry was making it lopsided...of course, because snowflakes are always symmetrical, aren't they!?  So, with a quick fix, I'm even more in love with it!
I was toying with adding some silver glitter, but I still just can't decide.  It may be 'too much' for window dressing.  Maybe for a one or two on a tree, but probably not for a window.  Perhaps I'll ask her.
I have a pretty good process in place, too.  I had found a box of white bathroom tiles in our attic when we moved into our house.  I had (a brilliant) idea, when we were doing craft fairs, to use the tiles as price signs.  Using dry erase markers, you can re-use the tiles.  So, now I draw out a general idea of how I want a snowflake and work off that.  Usually I change some things along the way, but it's a great little starting point.
I'm not going to lie, listening to Christmas music is helping, too!

This is the first year in 3 years that I have the holidays off.  Last year, we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving, but I paid the price by having to work Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the day after Christmas at the kennel.  The year before I had to work both holidays, too.  This year, I lucked out and the other girl doesn't mind working. 
Now that we have so much time together next week, we are pretty excited.  Wednesday is our 11th wedding anniversary, so we are going to see the new Muppet movie and go out for dinner at the restaurant I used to work at.  The night he proposed to me, we went in to tell my co-workers, and have a celebratory drink.  The owner of the place opened some champagne and toasted was sweet.
Then, thanksgiving at our house is pre-packaged.  Hubby makes a turkey breast (we never eat any other part), boxed stuffing, instant potatoes, a green bean casserole (of course), canned cranberry sauce for him, and I'll probably make myself some acorn squash this year.  And we usually pick up some sort of pie at our friends' bakery.  It's very low-key.  That way, we can take a long walk in the morning, and then watch the Lions play football.  I'm from Michigan, and always root for my 'home' team, probably more because they are always the underdog and almost never win.  Last year, we watched the game at Lagasse Stadium in the Palazzo.  I put $10 on the Lions to win.  I had to actually repeat myself, as the booking-guy didn't think anyone would expect the Lions to beat the Patriots!  This year, the Lions are starting off as a good team...I'm hoping for some redemption.  They're playing Green Bay, though...too bad my mom's not here, that's always been 'her' team (though, I've never understood why).
Yes, that was a lot more information than anyone probably needed to know, but I think my lack of blogging has caused back up of information I feel the need to purge.

Happy Friday, everyone!!


  1. Yeah! Holidays off?! You two must be so thrilled!!! Have anniversary, too!!!
    Also, your snowflakes are gorgeous! Your really quite the exceptional artist, Jen. Growing up, I never knew much about you, but this has been a marvelous journey finding out your special talents.

  2. Liking the snowflakes a lot!! It's great that you can spend the holidays at home...and happy anniversary as well....what a great time of year, isn't it!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the snowflakes! And the well wishes for the holidays. Hope you guys have a great time, too.
    it IS a great time of year, even though with each year, it takes me a little longer to really get into the spirit! but then a little eggnog and christmas music and i'm back on track. :)