Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy to be busy

I have been posting some snowflakes on my facebook page, as I work on them.  So, my small circle of friends have been very supportive and complimentary.  And, in doing so, a friend of mine has asked for a trio of snowflakes in different sizes.  I have been busy doing that, and feeling good about the time management in making these.

In other news, what is happening to my hair!?
 I think having my hair so short for so long has caused my baby curls to resurface! Not that I'm complaining, i just wish my hair would grow longer instead of bigger.
We're looking forward to our anniversary/Thanksgiving time off.  Especially since I was not going to get a day off at all, due to having to work at the kennel on the holiday, but instead ended getting Thanksgiving off totally, and gave up my Friday at the grocery store, AND i only work until noon on Wednesday!  That's almost 3 days off together!!  It's not a week in Vegas, like last year, but it'll do.
Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?  Who has to travel with the masses?  Whatever you are doing or going, I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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