Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby, it's COLD outside!

I have no idea what the temperature is outside today. I'm not even certain what it is inside, right now; but, I do know that i am in my flannel jammies, big hooded sweatshirt, warm socks, and hand-knit hat. My fingers are like little icicles.
I like the cold, though. My favorite part of fall/winter is the accessories. If I could knit, I believe I would have a different hat/scarf/mitten set for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day! But, knitting is one of those things I never could get on board with. Maybe because I like shopping for new hats and scarves each year? Hard to say.
I almost convinced myself that I could wear one of those hats that look like sock monkeys.
I said 'no,no,no' to one of those (faux) fur lined 'trapper' type hats, even though, inside, I was screaming, 'omg! yes!!'
Then I thought, 'well, those are a bit over-the-top for me. Maybe just a little pink one with a pom-pom on top?'
I am still just wearing my original collection, right now. (The one a friend made for me years ago, and the one I made from an old sweater, with my old high school berets thrown in for good measure) But I'm ready for a fun new hat this year.
Enter Etsy and the magical knitters that abound there!
This one's ADORABLE! (source: She has a lot of really cute hats.
This one makes me warmer just looking at it!
(source: She even has socks in her shop!
This one's super cute, but I'm not sure I'm a 'brimmed hat' kind of girl. (source:
Not that i would ever pay $270 for a hat, but OMG how adorable is this one!? (source:
I could do this all day! But, I have a baby shower to go to in a couple hours and it will take me that long to psych myself up enough to not be tempted to skip it. I hate being torn between loving my pregnant friend and just not being at all maternal!

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  1. I love hats and us short haired girls really NEED them! I really like the little brown one that looks like a baseball cap- it's cute!