Monday, November 7, 2011

Jackson, Black & White

I managed to finally scan some of my photos from our trip up North. It had been MANY years since I even had my hands on my old SLR film camera, but I knew it would be the only thing that could reignite my love of photography. And, while we were up there while the leaves were changing and there were still plenty of colorful leaves to peep, I needed to use black & white film. It is my one true love. I know it's cliche, but if it wasn't for Ansel Adams, I'm not sure I would feel the way I do about photography. There, I said it.
So, anyway, here are a couple of my faves from the trip. OH, a bit of good news, too...having had my camera stashed away for a number of years (I'd say at least 5) I discovered on the way up to New Hampshire that there was a large black blob in my viewfinder. I cleaned my lenses and mirrors and everything I could from the outside, but to no avail...every time I took a picture, I thought, 'well, that could be good; or, it could have a huge black blob in the middle of it.' Getting my pics back I could see that the gunk inside does not affect the film. Yippee!! Also, I still have an unfinished roll in the camera...just like me to get side-tracked! Better get on that!
And...some eye candy...enjoy!
Jackson Falls
A little pond we passed on our walk through the outskirts of town. A tunnel leading 'to the fourth hole' on the golf course. More Jackson Falls. My Ansel Adams inspired trees. (This one I altered in photoshop a bit more. The others I just altered the color a little. I'm not sure how i feel about the black & white film that is processed as color. It seems to turn out a little on the purple side.)
I am always amazed at how black and white photos make me feel...happy. Seems strange, but maybe it's the nostalgia of it?

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