Sunday, November 13, 2011

not cool!

I was going about my day, lunch, workout...the usual, no big whoop.  Then, I checked my phone, as I have been forgetting to take it off 'vibrate' when i leave work (subconscious attempt to avoid actual interaction with other human beings?  who can say for sure?) and see that I have missed a call.  I don't recognize the number (an '800' number...probable telemarketer), but they have left a voicemail, which I check.  It's one of my credit card companies calling due to some 'suspicious charges' to my account.  Last time I got a call like this was when Hubby bought his new computer, so it was a random HUGE charge to a card we rarely use.  I had used my credit card for gas back in October, when we were switching our banks over, and I wasn't sure how much money was in each account, yet.  But since then, and I double checked online AND with hubby just to make sure, neither of us had used it.  So I called the number left in the message.  As the automated 'woman' started listing charges, my heart sank and I began to feel ill.  'Five HUNDRED, seventy-nine dollars and twenty-six cents at [an inaudible] beauty salon'!!  $249 and change at a sporting goods store!  and a $3 charge somewhere else (I had a hard time hearing the specifics).  So, I wait, and press whatever number to deny the charges and get transferred to an operator...who is also very hard to understand.  I think she said her name was 'Charming'!?  Anyway, she repeats the charges (I discovered the $3 charge was at a pet store, and was declined), adding another nearly $300 charge to the list!!  Oh, my!!
Well, I give her all my info and she says they are closing the account and rushing new cards at no charge.  Also that I should wait on the line for an automated message with more information (which included the statement that they will inform all credit bureaus that our account was closed due to suspicious activity, so it won't affect our credit.)
I hang up and feel a little better, but then start to worry that the phone call was a scam, and get even MORE freaked out to discover that the number I called is not on my card OR any where on their website!!  What had I done??
So I called the customer service number on my card and explain that I may have done a stupid thing.  The operator (who, again, I couldn't understand what his name was) reassured me that my account had been closed and new cards were on the way. 
What an ordeal!  What if Chase had not called about the charges??  I would've not known until the bill came and then I would've cried for days wondering what to do!  We got very upset with Chase a few years ago, and rarely use that card b/c after never being late on a payment, they jacked our rate from 9% to 15%!!  This doesn't make up for it, but it helps a little.
I hate that this happened...but the bourbon is starting to help :)

In other news, I have been creating again.  I'm not sure any of it will amount to much, but it is nice to have my hobbies back.  I'm slowly incorporating my workouts back into my schedule as well.  I'd love to quit one of my jobs (the vet) by my next birthday, but we shall see.  We always need the money.
So, I've made another snowflake.
 And a new hard cover journal.  It makes me happy to make pretty things again.

Considering a new dog (5month old Cairn terrier) but also feel like if i get another puppy, I would like to choose differently?  Hard to say...if puppies need homes, who am I to turn my nose up at a non-pug!? :)  We're not likely to take it, but a co-worker seems to be in a bind to find homes for 3 from her last litter.  A clear view of how the economy has 29 years of breeding Cairns, this is the first time she's ever had to find them homes AFTER they've actually been born!


  1. Ouch! Bourbon does help in moments like this! I'm so glad you were able to take care of this issue!!!

    I make it a point to weekly check my balances worried about getting scammed!!!!

  2. Yikes! My heart pounded with every sentence! That is scarey and unnerving.