Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well, I cut some patterns last night. To be specific I cut out the front and back panels of one dress. After reading the instructions my head was spinning. SPINNING! I think I'm just going to have to do what I think needs to be done using my limited knowledge on how dresses are put together. Part of my problem is that I want to make a dress that is not exactly 'Dress A' and not exactly 'Dress B', but a combo of the two. In essence I am making a simple sheath dress, and it really shouldn't be hard. I'm just trying to do it 'right' and so in reading the instructions it is sounding like maybe it's not as easy as I imagine it should be?
(Even the instructions look more like something out of a biology textbook than a sewing pattern!)

I'm not sure about tonight. Hubby is off to play poker, but I need to be in bed by 8 (a mere 2 hours after getting home from work), so I don't usually have much motivation to get involved in anything on Tuesdays. Maybe I can manage to cut the dress parts out so that I can get to sewing after work Wednesday.

Wednesday morning I have my first review at my grocery store job. I found out that a friend of mine who started there just before me got a pretty nice raise. I also heard that she had complained to our other friend who has worked there forever that she never gets to 'work the floor' but always gets stuck on register. He said, 'it's because you're too slow putting product up.' (or something to that effect, I wasn't there...this is info from Hubby) So I'm hoping to get at least what she got, since I get kudos from my bosses on a daily basis.

In gardening news: things are mostly green. The tomato plant is getting more tomatoes, but not ripening yet. Cayenne plants actualy have multiple peppers, but nothing ripening. My snow peas are being crowded out by weeds I think as I have been TERRIBLE at weeding this year. Lots of blossoms on the pumpkins and squash, but no fruit yet. Lots of tiny cucumbers; and my bag of green beans to blanche and freeze is getting filled up nicely. My watermelons/canteloupes seem to be growning but not quickly and it's all still just leaves and stems, no flowers or anything more. I wondered if all the bees on the lavender caused a shortage on pollination action in my garden?
Maybe some pictures to come this weekend...I can't believe I have a Saturday off. And after an evening of fun with a 'mystery' group of friends at the fair!

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