Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's just a job

My job at the veterinary hospital is just two days a week. Two 11 hour days a week. Some days I feel like I am wondering around checking and re-checking the same two dogs and cats. Other days, I can't even get out of the building to run errands without getting side-tracked by another job to do. This week was one of the latter. And it's not just busy...it's usually gross. And when it's not gross, it's at least aggressive. Sometimes, it's both. Most days I'm good...hold on tight, things go fine and no body gets hurt. This week was different. Monday, I was working with a girl I don't usually work with. I was holding a dog for her to take blood. When she didn't get any with the first stick, she started over. This time, she held the un-capped needle pointing up. I moved to re-position the dogs head and jammed the side of my hand onto the needle. It hurt, but not like it hurt later. I now have a dime sized red mark on my hand and you can see where the needle went in. I got kinda nervous for a while when my wrist was hurting, but I think it's just because I actually think it hit the bone? But what had me nervous was the fact that it was in my hand AFTER it was in the dogs neck. On top of that there were especially gross things happening yesterday. Including a pet that had died at home on Saturday, was kept at home until Monday and even then, not brought in until the cleaners left the owners house. It has been brutally hot here, and this pet was NOT kept on refrigeration. It was disgusting! Then more nasty stuff I am not going to go into (since I think I may have already gone over the edge with that story?)
Well, that day ended so onto Tuesday. Not as gross all around, but not a super day for me. For one thing in the middle of the day I had to drive a half hour to get a part for the hair clippers that I couldn't find anywhere. For about 25 minutes before leaving for lunch, I was helping to hold a dog that was getting the side of his face shaved to clean up a festering hot spot. He was good considering we thought we'd have to sedate him due to the location and size of the spot, but he kept thrashing randomly and his head would come up. At one point, his head came up and I managed to get smacked so hard in the side of the head that if felt like my ear was bleeding! Plus, because he had been laying on his side, his mouth was drool soaked and it all got in my ear!! Oddly enough, the woman who was doing the shaving, grabbed a paper towel and not only wiped the side of my face, but also stuck the paper towel IN my ear! 'Thanks Mom' It's strange how comfortable you can get with people you only see two days a week!
Then I was helping with some ultrasound or something, which we do in the x-ray room, and I managed to hit my head on the overhead part of the x-ray machine!
It just seemed like a long two days and I am glad this is only two days a week!
Then I see on TV the couple of episodes leading up to the two hour special of Deadliest Catch...the memorial to Phil Harris...I'm crying my eyes out!
I'm ready for my day off!!


  1. Just got caught up on your blog! Sorry work has been so hard for you lately...

    But yay for the dinner party and the vacation!! (We got married in November too)

  2. Wow! Accident waiting to happen this week, are we?