Friday, July 30, 2010

the definition of vacation

I found this definition of 'vacation':
'leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure'
With no time frame attached to that definition, I think I had a mini vacation yesterday!
After work, I headed out to Auntie's for some good ol' fashioned summer fun.
One of my sisters lives nearby and was already there when I arrived at 1. My other sister lives on the property, but was at work, so I was able to borrow her bike. We biked down to the beach they frequent. It's a nice ride down the bike path along the Cape Cod Canal.
We spent a few minutes in the water, but it was pretty darn cold. As we lay drying off, we noticed a very dark cloud approaching. Instead of riding into the storm, we decided to stop at the seafood restaurant on the bike path. Just as we were parking our bikes, it started to pour. We still got to sit outside on the covered porch.
We sat with our 'lobster beepers', listening to the rain, and having a great time being 'tourists' and taking pictures of random things (like our bikes, beepers, and food!). Yummy fried fish and such!
On the way back I took a typical vacation shot of the bridge. Sometimes I forget we live on an island, but we are only connected by two short bridges.
To get from Auntie's house to the bike path, we cross over the railroad tracks. I don't know what it is about railroad tracks that I love. Maybe it's just the romance of rail travel?

Once back 'home' we jumped in the pool to cool off from the bike ride home! We played for at least another hour or so...laughing so hard I couldn't breath! Then we cracked open the beer I brought (I love stopping at the brewery for a nice cold micro brew!) and realized that my new dress matched Auntie's vintage glasses.
The sister who's bike I borrowed, works on a farm. Recently they had a new addition to the farm. A baby goat was born. Her mother and litter-mate, didn't make it (sad). The owners of the farm are away this week, but baby goat (Gracie) needs constant attention as she is still 'nursing'. So...she is staying with my sister! She is about the size of a small dog!
So that was my 1-8pm vacation. It seems like such a short period of time to have crammed so much fun into, but we did it and I was exhausted by the end of the day!


  1. Ever since our 'staycation' I have been excited to continue to enjoy the cape like a tourist, because when you do, boy is it nice. I had so much fun and the exhaustion at the end felt good, like a good long nap after an afternoon of swimming, tummies full of cheese crackers and beer.

  2. That sounds great!! Love all the photos. That baby goat is so darn cute! I haven't quite lost my vacation feeling yet and have tried to have fun every single day since I have been home- our house is still a mess but I will get to it sooner or later!