Saturday, July 3, 2010


My cayenne pepper is getting bigger, but the plant itself is not getting any taller...?
Fuzzy bumble bee on the lavender plant.

Honey bees!!!
There has been a serious lack of honey bees. I'm not sure if it was has just been out here, or if it's nation-wide, but people have been worried about them, as they are the workers who pollinate our crops!
This year they are practically swarming around Hubby's lavender and thyme plants. They are so cute, working away, just collecting pollen and then off on their way. We suspect, since there are just so many of them suddenly in our yard, that someone near by has hives. Whatever their reason for stopping by our house, we are happy to have them!


  1. did you take these photos? you got so close to the little bees! they are great :-) I love bumblebees so fuzzy and fat lol

  2. I DID take these pictures. I was using the macro setting on my digital camera. They didn't care one bit that i was hanging out so close while they worked. it was pretty cool.

  3. Every single time Aubrey has cut our yard this year, he has left one or two patches of tall grass and wild flowers- he feels sorry for the bees and he is trying to give them a place to live :)