Friday, July 9, 2010

this excites me

I know it's months away, but when you don't take vacation for years and then finally get away to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary, you tend to think about it a lot.
We've booked our flight and room at the Flamingo Las Vegas for November. Our actual wedding date was November 23, 2000...but it was Thanksgiving day, so that is when we celebrate. When we were first dating, and even now I guess, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day were the only days we were ever guaranteed a day off together. Since Hubby is a Jew turned Atheist and I am non-religious, Christmas is just a day off and an excuse to buy gifts, see a movie, and watch A Christmas Story over and over and over and...well, it's a religious holiday that neither of us partakes in 'religiously'. But Thanksgiving is a non-denomination holiday...and a day off. (I'm making a short story verrrry long...oops)
our trip/flight has been booked for months. This trip is coming 5 years after we had planned. Upon leaving Las Vegas when we got married we said, 'let's come back and re-new our vows after 5 years.' Well, clearly that didn't work out. But 10 years is better, I think.
I wanted to go old school and we wanted to stay on the strip. So we decided the Flamingo fit the bill and the budget.
We did our wedding 'rock star'...I wore suede lace front pants, metallic silver tank, and some great sparkly heels. Hubby wore leather pants that laced up the sides, a silver crushed velvet shirt, and well, he actually found a nice pair of black shoes with a little metal accent, but they were basic guy shoes.
This time, keeping with my old school feeling, I'm going to transport back to the Rat Pack days of the late '50's-early '60's. Think capri pants, flats or little kitten heels, 'wiggle dresses'. Hubby's trying to decide to rent of buy...he's probably going to wear a tux!!!
So that's all great, yes, I've been excited about going for a while.
But today! Today I started doing a little more research on a show we could catch. I would LOVE to see Tom Jones but he will either not be there when we are or they have not listed any show dates that far in advance yet. But I found a fun option for after our renewal ceremony...
Dinner and a show at the Plaza Hotel & Casino.
What's more old school than getting hitched at the Little Chapel of the West (yes, we'll probably go back to where it all began.) and then heading down to the other end of the strip, away from all the shiny new hotels, to the Plaza for dinner and the Rat Pack???
It sounds completely ridiculous but the image in my head of me sitting in my cute little dress, Manhattan in hand, watching Old Blue Eyes has me even more excited for this getaway!
It's four and a half MONTHS away!!


  1. OOh, it sounds like someone else is starting to 'fall in love with the 50's'. It sounds dreamy. Now, one more thing to add to your list during the next four months, dancing lessons. You can't frugue or mosh to the rat pack and big band. And if you need partners to learn ballroom/swing, let me know as we have that on our 'to do list' as well.