Monday, July 12, 2010


I think I've mentioned before that Hubby and I do not go out a lot. Better put: I don't go out much with Hubby. I has been a regular social butterfly this summer, but I am more happy as a home-body. However, we have friends who have a house on the cape and a few weeks ago, we saw them for the first time in a long time at an art gallery opening. During dinner, they mentioned they had a couple friends they thought we'd have fun with, and said they would have us all over for dinner. I had no idea it would be so soon, but they are off work for a week and so are staying on in their cape house. That meant a Sunday night dinner, instead of a friday or saturday. That meant I didn't have to be up as early the next morning. Apparently that meant we needed to stay out until 1 AM! I had been up since 4 am, and worked til noon. That made for a 21 hour day, followed by 4 hours of sleep, and then an 11 hour day at work. I have no idea how it is that my eyes are still open, but I don't think it's going to last much longer.
I was 154 pounds this afternoon...i believe tomorrow i will be back to 158. It fluctuates SO much. I need to be better about working out.

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  1. Still, between 154 and 158 is nothing to scoff at! *~_^*