Thursday, July 22, 2010

no, I haven't given up yet

I'm SLOWLY working away at this dress project. It is very frustrating for me. And here's the *best* part: I bought the zipper and bias tape needed for one dress...and have cut the pattern and pieces to make THE WRONG DRESS!! So, I need to buy a shorter zipper and wider bias tape. Or...truer to my nature, I will just make due with what I have and not be surprised when the dress comes out looking like a complete mess.
I have already decided that the fabric I'm using (an old sheet from I don't know what era!) has a funky pattern on it (pictures only when the dress is finished as I want the fabric to be a surprise) and to make the neckline as the pattern suggests would be difficult as patterns would show through making an ugly mess. So, I've used my extensive skill set in the field of sewing to cut out a square neckline instead of the low cut 'v'. I can only imagine what the finished product will look like, but the next step is sewing.
My saving grace is that I was able to use the top end of the sheet as the bottom edge of the hemming! Making the darts was a challenge, but I pinned them rather quickly as to not get too caught up in the frustration (yes, you will likely see this word often in my sewing blogs until I start to consult the thesaurus for other terms).
I guess I should start my sewing as I wait for the delivery I'm expecting today.

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