Saturday, July 24, 2010

At long last...a dress is born!

I took on a project I was unsure of and made a mediocre dress that I can wear in the company of good friends only. But I have done it...actually, I am planning on working on it a bit more. Read on, and you will see why.
As you all know, I was troubled by the fact that I couldn't really decipher the patterns. I am less than a novice at sewing...I know that people do it, but that is really the extent of my knowledge...well, in all honesty, I have made a few wrap dresses, but come on...this is way beyond that for me!
After cutting the pieces, I made second attempt at darts, I think, but the first time has been pushed from my memory for the most part, so it could not have been a pleasant experience. This time, I think I did okay.

I was able to successfully pin and sew the basic pieces with virtually no trouble...from me OR the machine!

Of course, it would not be the usual sewing experience without some protest from said machine. I couldn't even tell you what happened here...?
The dress I made is sleeveless (I don't even want to think about making sleeves right now!). I thought that would make it easier but I had some trouble and I got some bunching around one of the armpits. Miracle of miracles, the other one went off without a hitch.
Some how, after sewing it in, tearing it out, and sewing it in again, I still managed to come up with a crooked zipper and extra fabric to bunch up at the bottom! Damn!
The neckline...I decided to go square, which I like, but clearly my sewing skills are in need of some serious practicing!!

This is the top of the zipper where things still don't quite match up...even after two tries!

The bunching and all it's glory!

Finished! Front view...

and the back view.

And the most annoying part of this dress: I worked so hard at the zipper; and, after trying the dress on mid-sewing I wasn't sure it was big enough. However, the finished dress slips over my head without the use of the zipper!! Good news: I will likely take the zipper out and simply sew the back all the way up. Problem solved!
Not bad for an old sheet!


  1. First off, I love the fabric/sheet. And what a great way to use the fabric pattern with the flowers at the top and bottom.
    Second if you want to use the zipper, simply add extra darts in the back, so that it would be more form fitting. If you like it like that, which it does look cute, then do as you said, remove the zip. It would look cute form fitting with your shape though, all you would have to do is put it on inside out and pull where the darts/seams are and bring them in as tight as you like and pin while on, then up zip and sew and viola' done. Also the thread bunching is your machines tension, I used to not know or understand that until I started using my vintage 50's machine, where you can set the tension, but it does allow for more control later on. and the zip, next time, if when you pin it, you pin it in with the fabric facing you right side out, you can overlap the two sides so that they cover the zip and then when you sew it in and press in, it will 'disappear' after it is zipped up. Also a zipper foot is a great foot to get (it looks like regular foot but without the double feet and you could get it on eBay)
    So, I would call this a success and you are now (rather you like it or not) an honorary member of sewing club!

  2. oh, and I can show you how easy it is to just line it with muslin to make it quicker and easier with nice finished edges.

  3. Well, from one less than novice seamstress to the next- I am pretty darn impressed!! I think the sewing machine problems are my hardest part always! I have never tried a zipper!