Saturday, February 27, 2010

I wonder

Hubby and I are trying so hard to figure out what to do with this room of our house. We call it the 'mudroom' because we use our side door as our main entrance, so it's where all the muddy shoes get dumped. But it's really just a useless room. We don't use it as a dining room because we are one of those couples who eat in front of the TV...sitting on the floor. We use it when we host the weekly poker game, but that is a rare occasion since I usually have to be in bed by 9p.m. on Tuesdays. I am planning on setting up a craft corner/bill station for small projects/daily household planning.
Anybody have any bright ideas?
(please forgive the I said, this room's main purpose is...well, unknown)
This is the room looking out the back slider (the kitchen is to the left).
This is the room looking out towards the front of the house (the kitchen is to the right).
On an unrelated note, Hubby is making a macaroni & cheese with bacon pizza tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. Well, here is what I would do, for what it is worth.
    First I would plan a built in floor to ceiling system along the wall with the chimney. The part of that back wall (that you see as you come in the door) I would make my 'studio'. I would take one of your ikea roll out wire basket 4 drawer things and then with wood and bracets build a 'desk top' over that so a chair fits and the roll out is next to the brick. The abovr that I would hang either wood shelves on brakets into studs or buy a wooden bookself and hang that. Than all your art supplies and things for crafting there can go it there adn you could build a 'door' or hang a curtaint to cover some fo the mess. I would make a 'door' out of pine screwed together in the back and then make one door a cork board and the other a chalk or dry erase board. Then on the 'desk top' have some cute jars etc of pens, paint brushes etc out to use. Next on that same wall on the other side of the chimney I would get a bifold closet door the size you like and use that as the size to build a 'closet'. ON the big of wall that is next to the chimney you simply could hang simple pine shelves with brackets into the studs as high as is comfortable and then use wood (even inexpensive plywood they will cut for you) for the 'sides' of that closet (one piece against the brick the other the other way and hang a pole for coats. A simple u shape out of 2 x 4s at the base against the wall at the bottom to hook the ply wood too and then hand the door on with hinges (you dont' even need to put the track in for bifold doors, as it isnt necessary. and then maybe a shoe shelf on the bottom, nowyou have storage up top for winter or summer storage (baskets to put scarves gloves etc) places to hang coats for you and guests and multi tierd shoe space so you dont' have your shoes all over the floor when you come in....cont.

  2. Next, next to the easy 'closet' you just made, take that book shelf you have and mount it to the wall up to the ceiling where it is. The space left below it to the floor can now be more storage. You can 'fill it in' with more pine shelves,make it as deep as is comfortable to walk by and now you can store pantry things, garden tools, even dog food etc whatever you want and make a darling curtain to hang along it (split in two)now you have a book shelf up top and storage below. Now paint that all out say white or a light color to brighten the room and and crispness to whatever wall color you use and to tie it in together.
    Now, for the wall where that futon is, move that to your basement for guests. Along that way as much space as you can take up that does not interfere with your studio chair (at your new desk area) and so the door opens, build a simple series of bins (again simply take 2 x 4 screw together and into wall base and cover with cheap ply to be painted) and get containers to fit and now you have separate bins for your recyclables. Now for the lid, more ply with foam spray glued on and cute fabric (to match curtain on other storage mentioned before and also curtains above) and spray glue and nail that to lid. Now you have covered recycling, a place to sit and do shoes and a 'sofa' in your 'studio'. cont...

  3. more to come I just wrote it and it dissaperared.

  4. i am definately putting some sort of desk/craft station at the space in the front light in the house!
    as for all the storage ideas, we don't really need the storage (gardening stuff goes in the shed, we only have the coats out that we are using-one or two each).
    basically we are trying to figure out if we want to try to divide the room into two separate spaces, without making it two rooms so that we still get the cross's a great place to sit and relax.
    I think once we paint it a more 'bright and cheery' color and re-do the floors, we may have a better idea.
    But, yes...the front end by the windows is pretty much a done deal for my space.
    I knew YOU would have some ideas on the subject though!! thanks!