Friday, February 19, 2010

Good things today

Well, I'm enjoying a day off. This may be my last week before I go into 6-day workweeks again. (I'm not complaining...just saying, 'it's my day off')
I'm having a great day so far. I stayed in bed until I absolutely knew there was no chance of falling back asleep (that was at 6:30).
Here are the highlights:
1. free coffee and free breakfast! The computer at the bakery was not working so our gift card wouldn't go through, so we got our refills free (not the first time, and we'll try to pay next time, but they won't take our money). Laurie and Ian make their own bread and they had just pulled some ham and cheese breakfast calzone things out of the oven and Ian gave me food is so great...especially when it's delicious!
2. I made homemade miso soup again and it made the house smell yummy. Not as good as chocolate chip cookies, but way better for you.

3. took Moxie to the vet today. I know my dog is awesome, but it's even better when the doctor tells you so! I love when the vet is excited about your pet. I mean, they see animals all day, but when they make you feel like yours is the one they'll just feels nice. Moxie stood still to get weighed. She didn't budge when they gave her the shot. I hear at the place where I work that pugs are awful for check-ups and grooming. I have seen it, too..they wiggle constantly and a lot of them bite. They hate having their feet, ears, and mouths played with. But since the very first day we had Moxie, I have played with her ears and feet and mouth, so, though she'd rather I didn't do these things, she takes it. My favorite part of the exam was when the doctor rubbed her fur to check her coat and said, 'she's so soft! Do you bathe her?' When I said that I do but that I haven't in a few months, she said, 'your mommy takes such good care of you!' Then she got excited when Moxie gave her a little kiss. It really was the highlight of my day.
4. I found out the local brewery has a winter ale out and some leftover holiday brews. I love taking my growlers to the brewery and getting them refilled! so cool.
5. The reward of beer was for finishing the painting in the basement. Today I painted the trim (white) and I think that's it. Eventually I'd like to throw some plain 1x2 baseboards in and I'm thinking of some carpet tiles for that small portion of the floor, but that is later. After I've been working my full-time schedule for awhile.
6. After today's online class lesson, I just have next week...Wed/Friday lessons, then the 'exam'. I have actually learned a few new things and it really is making me more comfortable at work.
7. Except for a receipt from my furnace guy, I'm done with our tax worksheet and ready to send it off to the accountant. I hope we get some money back. Although, I hate spending large chunks of money at once on big purchases, we're thinking (since we've decided we'll be staying her for awhile) we might buy ourselves a new hot tub. We'll see...we're both still on the fence, actually.
8. For the rest of the day, I'm going to (study first, but then...) watch a movie and sew up the holes in every pair of my socks. Some crazy fun going down over here!


  1. Sounds like a very busy but great day off! I work 6 days a week too so we really have to make that one day count!

  2. Woot! Sounds a dream! And, reall,y you already knew that Moxie is a lil darlin'. *~_^*