Friday, February 26, 2010

Feelin' pretty good

It's Friday! Yes, there's still another day of work, but I'm getting used to it. I'm not all 'I don't want to get up' like I was with my last job, so that's a good sign. The longer drive to work (20-25 minutes compared to 10 minutes) actually gives me more time to wake up, drink my coffee, and get ready for the day. Sure, now I'm eating in the car, but I don't mind really.

It's also the last day of my online class. Today the final exam is released, too, but I am planning on studying all day after work tomorrow and taking my exam on Sunday, after I've had a full night's rest and can focus. Yes, it's just an online class and it's an 'open notes' type exam and there's really no way I could fail...but, I really want to see what I've learned since the class really did teach me a lot of stuff that I can use at work at the animal hospital.
And while I was downstairs printing out my last lesson (since that's where my printer is), I was poking around my studio and thinking about what I want to start working on once I'm making more of an effort to craft. Then I noticed some bits and baubles I had made out of the last batch of paper pulp I had made. I had forgotten that I took one and dipped it in a hard coat sealant. It had dried...since I'm pretty sure it was about a month ago when I actually dipped it! Anyway, I really liked the way it looked. Though in the picture it looks like kind of liked chewed up gum.
I put a length of black chenille yarn through it to tie it on like a necklace (since I'm not a jewelry maker and just used what I had on hand)...I think it's super cool! And it's paper!
I, as I think I said in my last post, am also thinking of going back to my super short hair style. I like my hair now, but it really only looks as it's supposed to right after i wash it. And it's just not logical to shower every morning at 4's just not! So I snapped a shot of how my hair is meant to look. It's the messy look. I think it's cute, but I also think I have transformed into a short hair kinda girl. A friend of mine commented that my short hair makes me seem more confident and assertive...and he was totally right. I don't know why, but I feel less awkward...probably because I am not thinking about how awful my hair looks!
And this is how I really like my hair.

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  1. Yeah, they both look cute, but I think the second (which is the original hair style) looks best. *^_^*